A Work Of Art

A Lynx grill is a work of art, impeccably engineered, and built to perform on par with its commercial grade cousins. If you want to become accustomed to tasting the best that grilling has to offer, then a Lynx is what you’re looking for. It gives you the power to perfectly finish a filet, smoke a swordfish steak, slowly brown a rotisserie leg of lamb, or even char a leaf of lettuce without wilting the edge. Let your imagination run wild!

The Lynx Trident Infrared Burner heats up the grilling surface with 23,000 BTUs, and allows for temperature control up to 1000˚F. In addition, the ceramic burner is made from the same material chosen for kilns and commercial ovens because of the temperatures it can endure.

The Hot Surface Ignitor is weather tested to ensure it lights your grill with the first push of the button every time and Lynx Ceramic Briquettes emanate a perfectly even heat across the base of your grill. They can be cleaned easily by flipping the tray and raising the heat for five minutes.

With the Lynx smart series, you can check on your grill from across the party or choose a recipe with preset cooking times and settings! In addition, the flame track sensors on each burner notify you if flame status changes in an instant.

Backyard Specialist invites you to live the Lynx life! Enjoy all the bells and whistles Lynx has to offer, with prices ranging from $ 2,289.00 to $9,779.00