The American Muscle Grill

The American Muscle Grill was designed, built, and factory tested in the USA! In the spirt of our great nation where bigger is better, it is designed to pack raw power into small chassis! True to its slogan Burn It All, the grill is so versatile it burns charcoal, lump charcoal, wood chunks, natural gas, liquid propane, and even wood logs! Not only does it allow for multiple fuel types, it excels in performance as well.

The American Muscle grills purrs with over 110, 000 BTU’s of cooking power and features complete #304 steel construction. On top of that, dual spark, solid brass, flame-thrower ignitions ensure it fires up quickly for you every time. The AMG is designed with style, is made for precision and speed that delivers!

This grill is everything one might expect from a product made in America, with one of the best warranties we at Backyard Specialist have ever seen. The American Muscle Grill backs up not only its construction, frame, housing, and cooking grates, but also its burners and valves with a lifetime warranty! Even the burner covers, and fuel trays are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Prices range from $6,999.99 to $13,699.98

AMG Grills